Ice Pix - Flatline
Flatline Rocks.......with IcePix

D'Andrea has been creating custom picks since the 1930's.

If rock is a crime, give me the chair!

Fender is celebration their Diamond Anniversary!

Paul Crook - Anthrax, Skid Row, Meatloaf

Al Jourgensen has a new record label!!! Check it.

Have a look at Polish metal Gods Esqarial!

Check out this ripping modern guitarist, Eric Mantel:

“Custom guitar controls, harnesses and Stan Hinesley handcrafted pickups. It’s all about the tone!”
Dealer/Endorsement Inquiries Welcome

Here's a link to our latest 'cool band' find:

Check out our new friends
the guitar-heavy rock band:

See the amazing guitars at:

Meet the latest addition to the Ice-Pix family:
Robert Marcello!
and his band - Danger Danger

The pater familias of Ice-Pix: Adrian Belew!

Check out the Ministry site here!

The Rebecca Harris Band site is here!

Check out our friends site :!

Check out the Musser Ring wearable guitar slide site here!
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